Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Aquarium and Fountain expert introduces 
"The Masterpiece Concepts"

The Masterpiece-concepts is an expert landscaping firm, we install complete interior and exterior gardens,decors and lots more for offices and homes.






We design layout plans and building plans
process C of O's and building Plan Approval,
we build aquariums, fountains, swimming pools, pergola, pagoda... to every clients taste.

we install outdoor and indoor garden, thatch roof, bush bar, irrigation or
water system, garden lights, garden stairs, terrace and retaining wall...
we install tiles, granite wall tiles, decorative concrete, concrete imprint
floors and interlocking stones.
you need to make an environment beautiful for an event? Just call us! @ 07061687477 or e-mail us at

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Enjoy our beautiful scenery  ,

Sofia Ejenonu

Personal Assistant 


House 7 , 57 road, off 5th Avenue , Gwarimpa , FCT Abuja , Nigeria.  

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